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Authentic Medicine Podcast

Jul 1, 2018

We talk to Dr. Leah Houston MD in this podcast about her passion, which is blockchain technology to help solve the healthcare crisis. This is summarized as a distributed ledger of bundled data to make information and transactions secure.  In this case it is a distributed ledger of your credentials as a doctor, which is a digital identity, that gives us doctors ownership of our right to work.  This will be a PHYSICIAN ONLY community.  It is a form of a healthcare economy OWNED by physicians, giving us a say and right to work.  Therefore, we now own the right of this intellectually property.  It will eventually be a way we can make money off our data.  Basically, it is about giving power back to the doctors through this decentralized technology.  That being said, this needs mass adoption by physicians to be successful.  There are nefarious competitors out there that are NOT doctors. This is coming whether we like it or not.  The question is whether we want to join together and do it ourselves to implement change with a collective physician voice.

The goal of Dr. Houston’s company is to first build the credential ledger and then possibly build the cryptocurrency for patients to use with doctors.  It is also give us collective bargaining power using this blockchain technology.  Lastly, the decentralized concept allows physicians to vote on issues how to run the company, on what treatment plans are better, which policies are appropriate for patients, etc.

This is a young company and an early investment opportunity.  Full disclosure, I am not an investor at this time and YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING before you decide to join.  They are looking for founding members and then regular members.  There are always risks in any venture.  However, it looks like blockchain companies are coming and so do you want to take that risk and be involved early? Do we want the AMA or Walmart to own this space?  This is a question only you can answer.

Here is the website for HPEC and here is Dr. Houston's bio and a brief business planthat she sends to investors. "If you look closely the amount of equity I give to doctors compared to investors is much more.  I am doing to reverse this trend of the money people exploiting us. Its time to use them and put their hard work to our advantage!"

Some more information:

Businesses of future will not be only about providing value through products or services; they will also be
about providing value through the community. Biggest businesses of next decade will also have a powerful tribe behind them enacting change. Products will be sold not only because of the value they offer but because of the tribe they will provide access to once bought. We are doing this by using powerful and secure new technology.

This technology is powerful because it first verifies a persons identity and then based on that identity allow them to transact for any goods and services peer to peer and free from third party influence, tax, or broker fee. What you transact depends on what is within your rights based on your identity.

For physicians and surgeons, in the example of healthcare, your identity will be attached to the fact that you are a
physician or surgeon (MD or a DO) and it will be attached to your residency training and credentials number of years in practice, potentially licenses, whether you have other advanced degrees such as an MBA or MPH etc. A patients identity can also be attached to their unique data, and their medical records that they own.  They like physicians will also have their jobs careers attached to their ID.  Everyone will also have their means of transacting, crypto currency dollars and other assets, like your home and car, all attached to this secure verifiable and un-hackable digital identity.

Please see all the attached information here and listen to the podcast.  Also, here is an articlethat outlines the importance of a digital identity, how it can empower people, and keep your data secure.

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